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Jan 31, 2011

Profile in Excellence - Podiatry Management Magazine, January 31, 2011

PROFILE IN EXCELLENCE - Podiatry Management Magazine, January 2011
Thera-Band® First Step to Foot Relief™

Research shows that heel pain, the number one ailment seen by podiatrists, can be successfully treated with non-operative strategies. However, for conservative treatment to be successful, strict patient adherence is a must but often a challenge. The Thera-Band First Step to Foot Relief addresses that challenge by providing an at-home program that can help improve patient compliance and lead to better patient outcomes.

First Step to Foot Relief is a comprehensive treatment solution with step-by-step instructions that combine stretching, massage and cold therapy to effectively help rehabilitate feet. The product supports both the American College of Foot & Ankle Surgeons’ and the American Physical Therapy Associations’ guidelines for first line therapy protocols for heel pain.

First Step to Foot Relief, which was developed under the direction of practicing podiatrists, physical therapists and chiropractors, includes a Thera-Band Foot Roller, a Thera-Band Professional Resistance Band, a patient instruction booklet and Biofreeze Pain Relieving Roll-On. The instructions illustrate clinically-tested stretches, massages and band exercises that guide patients through their at-home treatment plan.

“Most first-line treatment plans include a stretching regimen and an ice application, plus or minus a topical or oral analgesic,” stated Elizabeth DeFranco, Podiatry Marketing Manager, Hygenic / Performance Health.  “The Thera-Band First Step to Foot Relief is truly a unique product. It combines conservative treatment into one program, while providing all the tools needed for an at-home treatment plan. There is not another such prepackaged product available today.”

Ms. DeFranco continued, “We tested the First Step to Foot Relief treatment plan in 30 podiatry clinics prior to its market-wide release. This test showed that the product can enhance in-clinic treatment as well as improve the patient’s compliance and satisfaction.”

Robert J. Rosenstein, DPM and director of Affiliated Podiatrists, Inc. in Mentor, Ohio, participated in the test and now capitalizes on the new product by using it as an initial treatment plan as well as a maintenance product to help prevent reoccurrence of heel pain. “My initial treatment for heel pain always involves an at-home plan with stretching exercises,” stated Dr. Rosenstein. “With the First Step to Foot Relief, I can provide patients with clear directions on all of the modalities I have been prescribing for years. I now send my patients home with everything they need to speed up their recovery, and can continue to monitor and evaluate their progress toward heel pain relief.”

Valerie Gregory, MSPT, another test participant, has seen improvement in their patients’ outcomes. “Having a complete conservative treatment plan, one with tools and step-by-step instructions, makes it easy for our patients to stay compliant and to improve their outcomes,” stated Ms. Gregory. “This first-line therapy product, which requires no patient training, truly enhances what we do for the patients in our clinic.” Ms. Gregory is with Affiliated Foot & Ankle Center, LLP, a four-office practice based in Howell, New Jersey.

The First Step for Foot Relief provides step-by-step instructions for toe and calf stretching exercises, as well as strengthening exercises that incorporate the Thera-Band resistance band. The band exercises include ankle dorsiflexion, ankle plantarflexion, ankle eversion, ankle inversion and eccentric foot flexion.
Phil Page, PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, FACSM, Director of Education and Research for the Thera-Band Academy, developed the eccentric exercise to help stretch the tendons in the foot. “Eccentric exercise has been shown to be effective at improving tendinopathies such as Achilles and patellar tendinopathy,” stated Dr. Page. “Anecdotal evidence suggests that eccentric contractions of the plantar foot muscles and fascia may be effective for plantar fasciitis as well, but more research is needed.”

For more information about this new product or any Thera-Band product, visit or call 800-321-2135.

Hygenic / Performance Health has introduced a new Thera-Band product developed specifically for the podiatry market. Through their prominent brands, Thera-Band® and Biofreeze®, Hygenic / Performance Health has become the industry leader in developing evidenced based protocols and pain management solutions. The knowledge and tools that have made the company successful in the therapy, rehabilitation, massage and wellness markets naturally extend to the podiatry market.




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