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Sep 24, 2012

Hands-On Workshop Provides Evidence-based Exercise Progression for Rehabilitation Professionals

CONTACT:Jane Steger, Performance Health - 330-634-2281

Participants will improve their clinical decision making and take away immediate clinical applications based on the latest research on therapeutic exercise.

Akron, Ohio – September 24, 2012 – Performance Health, through their Thera-Band® Academy, is sponsoring an evidence-based practical workshop for rehabilitation professionals around the US beginning this fall. The full-day workshop, Bands, Balls and Balance; Evidence-Based Progression of Elastic & Proprioceptive Exercises, provides clinically relevant therapeutic exercise progressions. Thera-Band Academy is partnering with CIAO Seminars to provide ten workshop locations through spring 2013.

Using inexpensive and readily available equipment, the workshop will help improve clinical decision-making and problem solving skills for rehabilitation professionals at all levels including athletic trainers, physical and occupational therapists, as well as PTAs and COTAs. The intensive workshop includes lecture and hands-on lab activities using progressive elastic resistance and progressive proprioception exercises using exercise balls and balance training devices. Participants will learn the scientific basis for impairment-based exercise progressions including state of the art EMG analysis and proper patient positioning for appropriately-dosed exercise prescription. This updated course also includes hands-on applications for flexibility and soft tissue mobilization. Participants will improve their clinical decision making and take away immediate clinical applications.

“Evidence-based practice is a very common mantra among rehabilitation professionals today. Over 12 years ago, the Thera-Band Academy was formed to help link evidence to practice, by establishing a comprehensive database of research that supports commonly-used products in the clinic such as resistance bands and exercise balls. In addition to having evidence, it’s important to share that evidence with other rehabilitation professionals through continuing education such as this,” stated Dr. Phil Page, Director of Clinical Education and Research for Performance Health. “We are pleased to work with CIAO Seminars to deliver this in an economical and accessible manner to rehabilitation therapists around the US.”

Click here to view the workshop locations, dates, agenda, and presenters’ bios, and to register for the workshop.

 “The workshop was developed to help support evidence-based practice with readily available equipment like resistance bands and exercise balls,” continued Page. “The workshop emphasizes immediate clinical applications based on the latest research from around the world. We are certain that this workshop will be beneficial and successful on many levels, plus provide exposure for the Thera-Band Academy and what we do. The Academy’s web site,, connects healthcare professionals and consumers to the ever growing body of research, protocols and exercise.”

About CIAO
Career Improvement & Advancement Opportunities, Inc. (CIAO) is owned by Lesley Mateer, M.A. CCC-SLP. The organization is committed to taking care of fellow therapists by providing  local, affordable, quality continuing education courses that enhance therapists' marketability and skills, ultimately benefiting patients. CIAO's courses and services provide a network that facilitates support personally, clinically and professionally. 

About the Academy
The Thera-Band® Academy was formed to scientifically document the benefits of resistance exercise and pain relief, guide the company in its development of new products and exercise programs, and to promote therapeutic exercise and pain management through professional and consumer education. The Academy web site is a unique resource that connects healthcare professionals and consumers to the ever growing body of knowledge on exercise. Registration is free and provides access to the largest database of rehab exercises, protocols, research and education in the world.

About Performance Health
Featuring leading brands like Thera-Band®, Biofreeze® and Pedigenix®, Performance Health offers a broad portfolio of products for the therapy, rehabilitation, wellness, massage, podiatric and performance markets. In addition to market-leading products, Performance Health provides practice building support, evidence-based protocols, clinical and product education, turn-key dispensing and pain management solutions.
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