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Oct 12, 2012

Performance Health Partners with International Tennis Performance Association


Performance Health
CONTACT: Jane Steger

Performance Health Partners with International Tennis Performance Association 

Akron, Ohio – October 12, 2012 – Performance Health, a leader in wellness and rehabilitation products, is partnering with the International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA), the worldwide education and certification organization for trainers, coaches and specialists who are passionate about tennis-specific performance enhancement and injury prevention. The partnership provides ITPA members and their clients direct access to Performance Health’s wealth of educational materials and broad portfolio of exercise products.

“It’s a perfect partnership and benefits both the ITPA member and their clients,” stated Dr. Phil Page, Director of Clinical Education and Research for Performance Health. “Our missions align well as both support tennis players focusing on strength and performance. For example, a study conducted specifically on tennis elbow pain showed the effectiveness of a simple exercise utilizing one of our products, the Thera-Band® FlexBar. We hope this partnership can education and help tennis players suffering from chronic elbow pain.”

“The International Tennis Performance Association is excited to partner with Performance Health to offer the best performance and injury prevention products to help trainers, coaches and therapists improve the quality of training of tennis athletes throughout the world,” said Mark Kovacs, FACSM, FITPA, CTPS, CSCS*D, Executive Director of the International Tennis Performance Association. “The partnership offers certified professionals with increased education and special rates on products that directly help all tennis players prevent injuries and improve performance from the young competitive tennis athlete, through the collegiate and professional player, as well as the recreational adult and senior athlete.”

 “ITPA members have access to Performance Health’s evidence-based protocols, clinical and product education and support programs, such as referral rewards,” continued Mr. Kovacs. “When an ITPA member refers a client to the Performance Health website to purchase product, the member can elect to receive a reward for every transaction.”

About International Tennis Performance Association (ITPA)
The ITPA is the worldwide education and certification organization for trainers, coaches and specialists who are passionate about tennis-specific performance enhancement and injury prevention.
The education company offers a professional training and education process that establishes recognition through 3 certifications: Tennis Performance Trainer (TPT), Certified Tennis Performance Specialist (CTPS) and Master Tennis Performance Specialist (MTPS). The certification materials are overseen by the ITPA Certification Commission consisting of world experts in improving tennis performance and reducing injuries; visit the ITPA website at

About the Academy
The Thera-Band® Academy was formed to scientifically document the benefits of resistance exercise and pain relief, guide the company in its development of new products and exercise programs, and to promote therapeutic exercise and pain management through professional and consumer education. The Academy web site is a unique resource that connects healthcare professionals and consumers to the ever growing body of knowledge on exercise. Registration is free and provides access to the largest database of rehab exercises, protocols, research and education in the world.

About Performance Health
Featuring leading brands like Thera-Band®, Biofreeze® and Pedigenix®, Performance Health offers a broad portfolio of products for the therapy, rehabilitation, wellness, massage, podiatric and performance markets. In addition to market-leading products, Performance Health provides practice building support, evidence-based protocols, clinical and product education, turn-key dispensing and pain management solutions.

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