Starter Dispenser Packs

Starter Dispenser Packs  



  • 15 individually wrapped 5-foot latex bands in a single TheraBandcolor.
  • Each band includes a Basic Exercise Guide with 17 of the most-commonly used exercises for the foot, ankle, hip, neck, shoulder and back
  • Box provides a reference chart of 17 exercises to help prescribe proper treatment
  • Packaged for Resale to make retailing simple and help enhance clinicians’ level of treatment with professional, at-home tools and treatment plans
  • Exercises and Links  - Included in each band are 17 basic exercises and a link to additional exercises at
The TheraBandStarter Dispenser Packs address the growing need to dispense elastic resistance for at-home therapy.

The Packs features single color resistance band dispensers with 15 individually wrapped 5-foot bands, each with its own latex warning, bar code, and safety instructions. Each band insert, contains a Basic Exercise Guide with 17 common exercises for the neck, shoulder, back, foot and ankle. It also refers patients to for free, printable exercises for all applications. Dispenser packs are available in the universally recognized Thera-Band colors of yellow, red, green, blue, and black, the five most widely used Thera-Band resistance bands.

The new TheraBandStarter Dispenser Packs allow healthcare professionals to convert the bands they distribute from an expense item to a revenue stream, or refer patients to TheraBanddealers and distributors for purchase.

Most importantly, providing pre-wrapped bands to individuals meets FDA labeling requirements for latex warnings; and provides proper safety instructions to every patient and helps limit cross-contamination between sick patients who otherwise would be sharing their equipment. It also provides the option of selling the product to customers who want to continue working with bands after their therapy ends and they do their exercises at home.


  • 15 individual bands per pack
  • Each band is 5’L x 5”W
  • Each band contains a Basic Exercise Guide with 17 basic exercises and illustrations for the foot, ankle, hip, neck, shoulder and back
  • Safety and care information with each band including latex warning to meet FDA requirements (TheraBandProfessional Resistance Bands contain natural rubber latex)
  • Packaged for resale, allowing for easy identification, UPC scanning, and reordering

Band Color Part # Single Box
YELLOW 20920 1.40 lbs 8
RED 20930 1.65 lbs 8
GREEN 20940 2.05 lbs 8
BLUE 20950 2.45 lbs 8
BLACK 20960 3.10 lbs 8

Display Set-up Instructions

The boxes were designed to help the clinician retail bands by making them visible to patients and clients. The lid can be opened to create a banner display.
  1. Open lid of TheraBandStarter Dispenser Pack
  2. Punch out lid along perforated edges
  3. Fold lid and tuck bottom flap along inside back of box to create display panel
  4. Tear off and discard the two side flaps at perforation

            OPEN BOX - BACK VIEW                         OPEN BOX - FRONT VIEW


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